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Frequently Asked Questions


In short, what does your company do?

In a nutshell, our company serves two primary purposes for different clientele:

For businesses, we secure top-rated resort lodging and accommodations for your employees attending conventions, trade shows, corporate retreats, and other events. Our ability to provide these accommodations at significantly discounted rates sets us apart, offering excellent value even when compared to “budget” hotel and motel options.

For vacation owners, we present them with guaranteed compensation offers in exchange for partnering with us in our program. This financial benefit allows owners to offset, and in some cases, completely eliminate the burden of maintenance fees and taxes, providing them with a valuable solution for managing their vacation properties.

Is this a benefit that active RCI members can take advantage of?

Yes– take a look at RCI’s membership guide for more info!

Is this a benefit that active Interval International members can take advantage of?

Yes– take a look at Interval International’s membership guide for more info!

What sets you apart from the other corporate travel companies?

What sets us apart from other corporate travel companies is our unwavering commitment to being industry disruptors. We continuously invest in innovative technologies and streamline our operations to deliver services that others cannot match. Our unique approach involves integrating the event schedules of our business clients into a comprehensive data pool that connects them with the perfect lodging options based on their desired location.

We fully understand the significance of customer satisfaction and our dedicated team works tirelessly to cater to the needs of both corporate and retail clients. By consistently adapting and evolving, we strive to stay ahead of the curve and provide exceptional service that truly differentiates us from the competition.

Do you only provide lodging accommodations to businesses?

Yes, indeed, and for a very good reason! Our primary focus is on forging strong connections between businesses and vacation owners. By exclusively catering to the lodging needs of corporate clients, we can ensure a high level of expertise and efficiency in meeting their accommodation requirements. This specialization allows us to deliver on our promises with unwavering confidence, ultimately benefiting both the businesses and vacation owners we serve.

Am I liable for any harm my tenants cause?

No, through the guest certificate provided by the resort, all liability is transferred from you to the renter. As a vacation owner collaborating with us, you are not held responsible for any damages or harm caused by the tenants staying at your property. Our program guarantees that the accountability for any issues or damages lies with the tenants themselves, giving you the confidence and reassurance you need while being a part of our program.

Will I be Protected?

Absolutely! Each client contract is firmly secured and supported by a legally binding document, facilitated through DocuSign. We have taken all essential measures to make sure you are well-protected and confident when joining our program.

Why should my company book our lodging through you?

Choosing our program ensures greater value for your investment. As you may have experienced, budget hotels and motels can be less than cost-effective for your events.

Our program offers the opportunity to stay in stunning, world-class resorts with exceptional amenities at a significantly reduced price. By connecting you with vacation owner properties, we ensure that you and your team are conveniently located just minutes from convention centers or other event venues, making your trip both enjoyable and efficient.

Why did I receive a call from you?

We understand your concern! We reached out to you because you are listed as a timeshare owner who opted in to receive promotional offers related to your vacation ownership during your purchase or tour presentation.

We value your privacy and take our compliance with the TCPA seriously. For more information, please consult our privacy policy.

Why do I have to pay upfront to activate the weeks?

The upfront payment to activate your banked time is the lowest possible fee (known as the “rack rate”) set by your exchange company. This fee is not collected by our company, but is required by the exchange company to cover costs associated with managing and facilitating the exchange of your banked time.

By paying upfront, you enable us to work with your exchange company to make your banked time available for corporate clients who have already requested the inventory.

Will the rental program affect my points?

Our rental program is specifically designed to utilize your banked time. When you partner with us, we focus on renting out your unused banked time, ensuring that your points remain unaffected and available for your personal use.

We understand the value of your points and have a seperate program for qualified owners. If you are interested in selling your points, please contact us and we would be happy to check to see if you qualify.

How are the weeks guaranteed to be rented?

Our company is able to guarantee offers for your banked time because our corporate clients have already requested the inventory and placed their compensation in escrow. This means that the funds are secured and ready to be released to you on the day of check-in.

Our strong relationships with corporate clients who require accommodations for their events and conventions, combined with our experience and expertise in the industry, ensure that your banked time is rented out successfully. By partnering with us, you can have peace of mind knowing that your banked time will receive guaranteed offers within 180 days.

Pretend that my weeks don't get rented- what happens then?

The only way your weeks would not be rented is if you’re completely unreachable when we send offers to you for approval.

It’s crucial that you respond to each of our requests, however we will make multiple attempts to contact you in order to get the rental finalized for you.

In extremely rare cases, if your weeks don’t get rented within the turnaround time stated in your contract, we remarket your weeks at our own expense.

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